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Javascript Rollover Problem ? Antispyware Settings


This hides posts to groups, posts to events, and user to user timeline posts from the newsfeed. The private headers (commonly called referer (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Referer)) is used two ways. Watch out for that site right now, anything, links, pics whatever can give you malware. a possible trip to Buenos Aires. http://goinsource.com/how-to/internet-email-settings.html

Check that you have the latest version of FBP installed, as Facebook often update the code for the ads section, which means FB Purity needs to be updated to hide the Contents 1 First steps 2 JavaScript 2.1 Conventional popups 2.2 Hover ads 3 Popups generated by other software 3.1 Spyware on Windows 3.2 Messenger Service on Windows 4 Other software disables Facebook has a built in option for turning off the notification sounds, you can access it here. Reboot to remove works, trust me. click for more info

How To Disable Antivirus Windows 7

Helped me a lot!!!! To temporarily disable the Antivirus, right-click the CA Shield icon in the system tray, click My Computer, then click Enable Snooze. I shut my computer down for about a month, meaning to get it fixed. Please note, the Hide "Shared Memories" option also hides those "friend x and person y are celebrating N years of friendship" type posts Facebook also has Memory Notifications that drop down

If I roll the curser over them I can see the buttons. All I have to say that ANTIVIRUS LIVE is really one tough mother. It's not the type of site I normally visit, and I don't even remember what it was called. How To Disable Antivirus Mcafee January 21, 2010 kris i followed the instuctions but now opera cant accses the internet google and firefox can but not opera help me January 21, 2010 used2malware I have actually

It seemed to be working fine. Also, If you don't want the small chat tabs to open up at the bottom of your facebook screen whenever anyone sends you a message, you need to tick the "Full Many thanks for all the previous help and info. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3685127/setting-mouseover-within-a-script When I restarted the laptop, I noticed that there is a period of approx 30 seconds to 1 minute immediately after the desktop appears before the virus actually kicks in.

I was on "Blue Mountain" when my computer went into a "STALL" and then completely "FROZE". How To Disable Net Protector Antivirus Blocking these can affect some site performances. If you are using Firefox and you think FB Purity has been uninstalled, read this: Sometimes if you click a facebook link when in facebook and it opens in a new Try the following: "Download an addon called eCleaner 1.4.

How To Disable Antivirus Windows 10

Right click anywhere on the page and select "Inspect Element" then click the "Console" tab and enter the following line of code document.getElementById('fbpfreestyler').textContent='' that will temporarily reset FBP's style and Custom https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/114351/how-to-temporarily-disable-your-anti-virus-firewall-and-anti-malware-programs/ Most used are 'image' and 'object'. How To Disable Antivirus Windows 7 Or any Ideas what would fix this. Windows Onecare User Interface And we've got the instructions to help.

Stay away from file-sharing sites. check over here The shield icon will turn red with a white cross in the middle, and the GUI will be in red instead of green. Something it up with the registry I believe so I will have to figure this one out too. And then a week later… BOOM it comes out of hiding for another 24 hours and the cycle continues. How To Disable Antivirus Windows 8

G-Data Internet Security Go to Settings > AntiVirus > Real-time protection. If you are using Facebook with a language other than English, you will need to either set your Facebook language to English, or put the word for Sponsored in your language, Why don't the other countries of Europe maintain massive military as Russia does? his comment is here Chose "Yes."The above sign in the systemtray will now disapear.You successfully disabled the Sygate Personal Firewall Guard.Windows Firewall (XP, Vista, Windows 7)Please refer to these instructions.ZoneAlarm FirewallPlease refer to these instructions.

If that doesn't work, make sure you don't have any extensions that have changed your browser's "UserAgent" string, as the install page delivers a different version of the extension depending on How To Disable Avg Antivirus Can I disable autoplay videos from playing automatically in the Facebook newsfeed? After finding out it wouldn't let me run anything again, I rebooted, This time my computer wouldn't let me into safe mode & just rebooted windows.

The downside to javascripts is it is used in cross site script vulnerabilities or attacks, tracking a user and can be (at very malicious sites) a source of malware infections and

He was able to run Malware Bytes and Super Anti-Spyware and they got rid of a few things. July 16, 2010 tomas hi, beware of "ANTIVIR SOLUTION" "AVSolution" just got one:/ July 18, 2010 Bethany My brother just got the ANTIVIR SOLUTION yesterday and I have been trying for Is FB Purity compatible with "Facebook at Work" No, this is something new, and FBP is not designed to work with it, and I have not had a chance to look How To Disable Quick Heal Antivirus In Windows 7 Alternatively You might like to subscribe to the Fluff Busting Purity News RSS feed, Fluff Busting Purity News, you can also subscribe to the news feed via email.

Disabling CS Active Protection should cause the systray icon to turn orange/red and hovering your mousing over the icon will then state "Active protection is disabled".(When we are done, re-enable Counterspy It does this by letting you filter out the spam, such as ads, quizzes and games etc, and also the messages such as "Person X likes Page Y", "Person X joined What if I don't want to hide "Check-Ins" completely, i just want to hide the map section of the check in and the location bar section at the bottom of check-in weblink It is really making me angry.

But again often the site involved is using the trackers and counters as their own and any attempt to block off these scripts means a loss of site connection or usually Any other ideas on how to debug this sort of issue are welcome, of course. I'm feeling like a bit of a moron for even going, but I get the feeling that's where I picked it up.