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Java ArrayList Question


This concurrent Collection class was added in jdk 1.5 Q36 How TreeMap works in Java ? Most of these algorithms work on List but some of them are applicable for all kinds of collections. Some examples of concurrentCollectionClasses are : a. List the difference between them ? this contact form

Contract of hashCode() and equals() method a. Look at the code below (taken from Java ArrayList Code at GrepCode.com). Iterators allow the caller to remove elements from the underlying collection that is not possible with Enumeration. import java.util.*; public class ArrayListMagnet { public static void main(String[] args) { ArrayList a = new ArrayList(); // declare arraylist a.add(0,"zero"); // add objects to the arraylist a.add(1,"one"); a.add(2,"two"); a.add(3,"three"); printAL(a); http://www.java67.com/2015/06/20-java-arraylist-interview-questions.html

Arraylist Program In Java Example

a) Capacity() b) increaseCapacity() c) increasecapacity() d) ensureCapacity() View Answer Answer: d Explanation: When we add an element, the capacity of ArrayList object increases automatically, but we can increase it manually It is a part of Java Collections Framework since jdk 1.5. The capacity is always power of 2, so if you know that you need to store a large number of key-value pairs, for example in caching data from database, it's good

Regards, Andrew Piyush Joshi Ranch Hand Posts: 207 I like... Q23 What is the difference between HashMap and ConcurrentHashMap ? Gave a clear picture of the inner working of C language design. — Shivanshu - Netapp The course was well designed and coverage was satisfactorily deep. Arraylist Programming Questions This covers everything what an individual expects 🙂 Really helpful..

Fantastic and very helpful.Reply Amit saysJune 19, 2013 at 3:53 pm This is really one of the best !!. Java Arraylist Practice Problems Designed by studiopress Java Hungry Java developers tutorials and coding. Main differences between LinkedList and ArrayList are : a. http://javaconceptoftheday.com/java-arraylist-programming-examples/ How to sort ArrayList in descending order in Java? (Answer) This is the follow-up question of one of the previous question related to sorting.

Root interface in collection hierarchy is Collection interface . Arraylist Exercises Java Closing main() before printAL() did the trick and it compiled and ran. This interface models the mathematical set abstraction and is used to represent sets, such as the deck of cards. For Iterable interface Oracle doc, iterable interface is not mentioned as a part of the Java Collections framework .So if the question includes collection hierarchy , then you should answer the

Java Arraylist Practice Problems

This avoids ClassCastException at Runtime because you will get the error at compilation. http://beginnersbook.com/2015/03/java-collections-interview-questions-and-answers/ Its really very helpful and descriptive. Arraylist Program In Java Example Map is not under the Collections interface.Reply Avisha Jindal saysNovember 15, 2016 at 11:30 pm I was once asked in an interview. Programming Questions On Arraylist In Java a) trim() b) trimSize() c) trimTosize() d) trimToSize() View Answer Answer: d Explanation: trimTosize() is used to reduce the size of the array that underlines an ArrayList object. 7.

It provides methods to iterate over any Collection. http://goinsource.com/in-java/java-printing.html What is fail safe and fail fast Iterator in Java? But ListIterator can traverse the collection in both directions that is forward as well as backward. Mention the steps need to be taken , if I want to sort the objects in ArrayList using the employeeId attribute present in Employee class. Arraylist Multiple Choice Questions

For example ArrayList iterator is fail-fast whereas CopyOnWriteArrayList iterator is fail-safe.What is UnsupportedOperationException?UnsupportedOperationException is the exception used to indicate that the operation is not supported. With TreeMap if you need to iterate by sorted orderReply kiran saysDecember 20, 2014 at 1:37 am Great Job sir….. Synchronization and thread safe means at a time only one thread can access the code .In Vector class all the methods are synchronized .Thats why the Vector object is already synchronized navigate here I am happy with helpful, because I don't think this problem was that challenging.

He lives in Bangalore and delivers focused training sessions to IT professionals in Linux Kernel, Linux Debugging, Linux Device Drivers, Linux Networking, Linux Storage & Cluster Administration, Advanced C Programming, SAN How To Remove Duplicates From Arraylist In Java asked 5 years ago viewed 698 times active 5 years ago Related 3961Is Java “pass-by-reference” or “pass-by-value”?2253Create ArrayList from array2020When to use LinkedList over ArrayList?273Best way to convert an ArrayList to Map contains key-value pairs and it provides methods to retrieve list of Keys or values as Collection but it doesn't fit into the "group of elements" paradigm.What is an Iterator?Iterator interface

Java Collections Interview QuestionsWhat are Collection related features in Java 8?What is Java Collections Framework?

Please do mention in the comments in case if you have any doubts or suggestions regarding the post. Following are different techniques for copying an ArrayList object to another ArrayList: Use clone() method such as following: ArrayList myObject = new ArrayList(myTempObject); Use ArrayList constructor object such as following: use Collection.copy To correct this you should make printAL() static Just ignore this one, you already had got it. How To Reverse Arraylist In Java About The Author Subham Mittal has worked in Oracle for 3 years .

How do you copy one ArrayList to another? For example, let's say I have a class MyKey that I am using for HashMap key.

//MyKey name argument passed is used for equals() and hashCode() MyKey key = new MyKey("Pankaj"); But you should reply iterable interface present in java.lang package not in java.util package .It is clearly mentioned in Oracle Collection docs , that Collection interface is a member of the his comment is here Some of the changes are:Java Stream API for collection classes for supporting sequential as well as parallel processingIterable interface is extended with forEach() default method that we can use to iterate

This question checks whether student understand the concept of static and dynamic array. Is there a way to tell how many coins are currently generated? Introduction in Java java.util.Vector class was there in java since the very first version of the java development kit (jdk). find detailed explanation ArrayList vs Vector .

Ah,... Thanks Pankaj.Reply Pratap Shinde saysJanuary 11, 2016 at 10:05 am Great work, PankajReply vivek saysDecember 21, 2015 at 6:11 am Please do a program by adding scanning without using add method.Reply like list interface accept duplicacy and arraylist iimplement it then why we did not implement all the list feature in array list directly and what is advantage of list iterfaceReply Quang Previous client wants some "small changes" Could a creature have eyes that change color based off of mood?

Hence, LinkedList is preferred when there are more insertions or deletions involved in the application. doubleList.add(Double.valueOf(1.23));Valid statement, adding Double to the list.5. This class take advantage of advanced thread-safety technique instead of locking. These methods are also used when we try to get value from HashMap.

All Rights Reserved. Which of these method of ArrayList class is used to obtain present size of an object? Q13 What is the difference between Queue and Stack ? That's why List is not considered as a subtype of List where S is the super-type of T.