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Is This Pc100 Or Pc133?


By Saul in forum PressF1 Replies: 1 Last Post: 22-01-2003, 05:56 PM PC100 and PC133 RAM on a 100mhz bus? The last pair of digits in the part number, “G8”, indicate that it is a 125Mhz device, or a PC100 memory chip. The higher the MHz, the faster the FSB. While this memory technology is no longer used in modern systems, Crucial, Samsung and a few other manufacturers continue to offer this unique type of module for upgrade customers.

Every day we field questions from people who want to upgrade their PC's by adding more memory, and one of the most Frequently Asked Questions involves that of compatibility. When purchasing memory for a new system, make it a point to purchase all of the memory you need at the same time from the same supplier. Registered modules are unbuffered modules that contain a register that helps ensure data is handled properly. Trcd definition is the same as Fast Page Mode DRAM. weblink

Pc133 Ram

by R. If you have Adobe Acrobat installed, click this link to review Intel's PC133 Validation Specifications for PC 133 Modules. Generally your motherboard's manufacturer will advise you of their requirements, however should you not be able to determine this, just let us know and we will help you select the right

Don’t hesitate to contact the largest website about computer hardware in Sweden! BACK TO INDEX Memory Modules 101 - glossary of terms What's the difference between SDRAM and RDRAM? The cost difference is so narrow that it can't be automatically assumed that the slower memory is cheaper!How much faster is one memory over another? Samsung Part No ------------------------ KM48S8030DT-G7 : 133MHz(CL=3) KM48S8030DT-G8 : 125MHz(CL=3) KM48S8030DT-GL8 : 100MHz(CL=2) If your memory module does not use samsung chip , you can easily log on any semiconductor manufacturer

manual prior to purchasing and installing memory. Pc133 Sdram 2gb At present, one of the overall limiting factors in PC systems today is the bus speed. These standards and specifications had to be met by both semiconductor and module manufacturers to not only insure uniformity of fabrication, but also to insure the accuracy of data handling at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PC133 Furthermore you didn't give credit to the site or author.Please read the forum policies about this and try to limit your copied text to 2 or 3 relevant lines and then

If you look closely at each of the five part numbers, you will see that the only difference are the last two digits. FPSdrop i bla CS:GO. Choose System A Open A Trend ABIT AIR AJP ALR AMS Tech AST ASUS AT&T ATI Acer Adaptec Advent Agfa Alienware Apaq Apple Apricot Armari Atlas Axil Biostar Brother CTX Canon We know what you're thinking, how can you really tell the difference between 30 billionths of a second and 7.5 billionths of a second?

Pc133 Sdram 2gb

Keep in mind though, a clock cycle for a system with a 100MHz front side bus is only 10 nanoseconds (10 billionths of a second), therefore don't be too surprised if Results 1 to 8 of 8 Thread: PC100 vs PC133 ram Thread Tools Show Printable Version Subscribe to this Thread… Search Thread Advanced Search Display Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Pc133 Ram This describes the memory format. Pc1000 We have broken it down based upon Samsung's reference sheets: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 KM 4 8 S 8 0 3 0

These chips are often referred to as "-7.5" (7.5 nanosecond parts). Unfortunately though, in the real world, you will find that SDRAM modules with identical SDRAM chips, can sometimes reach entirely different frequencies for no other reason than differences in the manufacturing The -75 refers to the minimum operating clock cycle of the device. Enkelsidiga 256or funkar sällan på BX-chippade kort t.ex. | Venice 3500+ | A8N-SLI Premium | 2048MB PC3200 | 7900GT | Audigy2 ZS | WD Raptor 74GB | | Antec P180 | Ddr2

näee.. Image PC133 MEMORY COMPATIBILITY ISSUES - the truth! Lurking. 01-01-2006,12:41 PM #5 KatiMike View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Senior Member Join Date Dec 2004 Location Bay of Plenty Posts 223 Re: PC100 vs PC133 ram Have you During Bootup, the system BIOS reads the value for CL , Trcd and Trp programmed into the Serial Presense Detect(SPD) on the SDRAM DIMM and the memory controller will issue SDRAM

There's no standard amount so different models of computers have different maximums. Men det är alltså ingen skillnad på 512 eller 256? How to determine the frequency of the module?

Har en PIII som föregående skribent 2 x 256 är max (tror dock min grejar 512 i ena) Har även en PII a den har 4 på varje slot står det

SDRAM emerged in 1996, and represented a big step forward from EDO technology. If you need 2-clock memory for your system, just let us know the make and model of your computer and we will provide you with the correct module. It's safe to say you will see a performance improvement in at least one way or another by having at least a total of 256MB, if your computer supports that much. tyvärr.

If it is divisible by 9 evenly, such as 72, than it is an ECC memory module. Write a guide nwdscomputers Explore more guides View previous RAM Compatibility for Desktop Image RAM Compatibility for Desktop Published by: ncline PC133 MEMORY COMPATIBILITY ISSUES - the truth! PC2100 memory is DDR designed for use in systems with a 266MHz (133MHz doubled) front side bus. As an example, a few systems built by Dell and Gateway require a particular type of CL=2 memory known as 2-clock memory.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Dispelling the confusion between Front Side Bus Frequency and CPU Frequency The Front Side Bus (FSB), the memory bus between the Processor and the Memory module, is the main information or Vet du vad det sitter för moderkort i datorn? | Venice 3500+ | A8N-SLI Premium | 2048MB PC3200 | 7900GT | Audigy2 ZS | WD Raptor 74GB | | Antec P180 SDRAM and DDR use different types of memory slots for installation.

PC100 and PC133 are types of SDRAM. If you owned a memory tester, it will enable you to easily read the SPD content which has been programmed into the EEPROM and typically Byte 8 & 9 on the And computer operations that occur entirely within the processor are unaffected by the speed of the FSB. www.integralmemory.com/config Share | Quick Links News Events Archive Support Downloads FAQs Popular products 4x Memory Card Case Fusion USB 3.0 Flash Drive V Series SATA III 2.5" SSD Fusion USB Flash

The speed of the FSB is not the same as processor speed (yet), but technology is quickly changing this, and very shortly you will see the processor and FSB running at All Rights Reserved Identifying PC133 Memory Modules! And like PC100, beware, as there are unscrupulous suppliers selling PC133 modules that do not meet the Standard and this is reflected in their performance. I understand Video Graphic Memory, and Memory to open Applications.

Feedback-forum Kontaktformulär RSS Håll dig uppdaterad med senaste nytt från SweClockers.com. This table, courtesy of Micron, shows the specification and speed differences between the most recent forms of SDRAM, PC66, PC100 and PC133. As an example, if you were to install a PC133 module in a system with a 100MHz FSB, or in a system already containing a 100MHz module, the PC133 module will Ljud, bild och kommunikation Com Hem Tivo med Asus RT-AC68U Bästa VPN eller anonymitetstjänst (främst för torrent) Hur nödvändigt är G-sync? 24-35" för spel typ bf1, foto och webbsidor redigering samt

Kan man istället sätta i ett SDRAM PC133 512 Mb?