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Technical C Programming C++ C# Java Database Networking Read more... Calling the wait() method on an object.C. Medical Science Microbiology Biochemistry Biotechnology Biochemical Engineering Others General Knowledge Puzzles Quiz Sudoku Online Tests Ask your question? Instead of getting the result of 1, since they are 1 second apart, he gets the result 353 (queue the spooky music). this contact form

It represents a function that accepts a long-valued argument and produces a result. No promises of rewards of any kind! The question itself is a little more specific, asking why a Swing password field has a getPassword() (returns char[]) method instead of getText() (returns String). Thread(Runnable r, String name) Thread() Thread(int priority) Thread(Runnable r, ThreadGroup g) Thread(Runnable r, int priority) A. 1 and 3B. 2 and 4C. 1 and 2D. 2 and 5 Answer: Option C

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Like Iterative breadth first search algorithm (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iterative_deepening_depth-first_searc‌h). Plus be grateful, how many programming language did you write and in use in your lifetime? Optional curly braces − No need to use curly braces in expression body if the body contains a single statement. But a quick Google found one on both Wikipedia, and forums.sun.com.

Lambda expression eliminates the need of anonymous class and gives a very simple yet powerful functional programming capability to Java. I use this one for my implementation. –Sauer Oct 15 '14 at 10:46 add a comment| up vote 5 down vote What about "Apache Commons Lang 3" Pair class and the getMimeDecoder() method of Base64 class returns a Base64.Decoder that decodes using the MIME type base64 decoding scheme. Java Help Reddit How will you get the current date using local datetime api of java8?

The 'map' method is used to map each element to its corresponding result. Java Code Help getUrlDecoder() method of Base64 class returns a Base64.Decoder that decodes using the URL and Filename safe type base64 encoding scheme. System.out.println(pair.getLeft() + ": " + pair.getRight()); System.out.println(pair.getKey() + ": " + pair.getValue()); } share|improve this answer edited Nov 2 '16 at 14:53 Kip 54.5k72178223 answered Dec 11 '12 at 23:56 changed https://www.glassdoor.com/Interview/1st-round-MCQs-on-java-2nd-round-face-to-face-on-C-following-HR-round-QTN_1126276.htm It represents a supplier of long-valued results.

Why is there a large wooden ball on Mariner 3's magnetometer? Java Help Online Related 3how to get a text inside html/text content?1Extracting Links from dynamic website using Java1How can I get relative path from absolute http paths in Java-2Getting desired information from website using Curly braces are required to indicate that expression returns a value. What is local datetime API in JAVA8?

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What is the purpose of UnaryOperator functional interface? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/34014436/i-want-ro-get-all-article-content-from-all-links-inside-from-an-website Are the N^2 adapter classes to convert between MyPair and SomeoneElsesPair also considered easy enough to write on one's own? –djechlin Nov 1 '13 at 18:59 | show 15 more comments Java Programming Help Count the times a digit has appeared in a list as I scan the list Is the USA murder rate at a high? Java Homework Help Binh Thanh Nguyen Thanks, nice post http://xenoterracide.com/ Caleb Cushing Interesting thing about passwords, this doesn't help web frameworks at all… because guess what treats too much stuff as strings… that's right

It represents a function that accepts an int-valued argument and produces a result. weblink It's a specific weakness in the language, but currently I still prefer Java and Spring knowing this. It represents a function that produces a long-valued result. Tell us: What have you tried? Java Help Chat

In the off chance someone will have access to your memory, the String with the password might be available for him to take. Would Trump be worth almost 3x as much if he invested in mutual funds? Meaning that choosing a random set of integers will not be random. http://goinsource.com/java-help/java-question-help-please.html That's terrible software engineering.

What is the purpose of ToIntFunction functional interface? Javahelp Bibliografisk informationTitelJava Essay: The History and Culture of a Southern CountryFörfattareMasatoshi IguchiUtgåvaillustreradUtgivareTroubador Publishing Ltd, 2015ISBN178462151X, 9781784621513Längd342 sidor  Exportera citatBiBTeXEndNoteRefManOm Google Böcker - Sekretesspolicy - Användningsvillkor - Information för utgivare - Rapportera getUrlEncoder() method of Base64 class returns a Base64.Encoder that encodes using the URL and Filename safe type base64 encoding scheme.

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The key ingredient here is iteration order. There are dozens of features added to Java 8, the most significant ones are mentioned below − Lambda expression − Adds functional processing capability to Java. Advertisement Recent Posts Access - Building database to... Free Java Help Related utility interfaces such as Map are not actually Collections (i.e.

What is the purpose of IntPredicate functional interface? Type erasure has it's limitations, but that isn't one of them (sure you could coerce your compiler into ignoring the fact that you're passing in the wrong types... –Aaron Maenpaa Feb See what led to complex errors in minutes. http://goinsource.com/java-help/java-update-question.html Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled.

The 'sorted' method is used to sort the stream. notify(); notifyAll(); isInterrupted(); synchronized(); interrupt(); wait(long msecs); sleep(long msecs); yield(); A. 1, 2, 4B. 2, 4, 5C. 1, 2, 6D. 2, 3, 4 Answer: Option C Explanation: (1), (2), and (6) Bad title: I'm new to Java and need help. How will you create a Base64 encoder?

Collectors can be used to return a list or a string. We at tutorialspoint wish you best luck to have a good interviewer and all the very best for your future endeavor. Not the answer you're looking for? inheritance, packages and wrapper classes, arrays, strings, string-buffers, and multi-threaded programming and its intricacies.

Local − Simplified date-time API with no complexity of timezone handling.