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it kicks me off the internet

Keep "getting illegal start"

keep geeting knocked off when online

keep getting "the blue screen" when running the last remnant benchmark or demo

Keep getting "IE CRASH DETECTION HAS STOPPED WORKING" when I try to get on internet.

Keep getting |:\ is not accessible code

Keep getting a Dial up Request after setting up Home Network (UGH!)

Keep getting Blue screens like crazy

Keep getting blue screens during SP1 installation

Keep getting booted off- Help please

Keep getting critical objects in adaware

Keep Getting Capped - am I infected? HJThis Log also

Keep getting Device PointerClass0 error

Keep getting dkservice.exe and ctsvccda.exe errors in 2k

Keep getting error: "Microsoft visual basic c++ runtime library"

keep getting error message-SMR Utililty Service 1.3.0 not working properly

Keep getting disconnected from online games!

Keep getting kicked off the net after five minutes! Help

keep getting knocked off internet

keep getting kicked off the internet

keep getting kicked off line!?!?!

Keep getting knocked off-line

keep getting lsa shell problem

Keep getting Pop Ups on my Firefox

Keep getting redirected on certain sites

Keep getting re-directed on web - Hijackthis log included

Keep getting registry popups saying its damaged.why?

keep getting

Keep getting RTE 76 when trying to load a game

keep getting the error message cripes!

keep getting res:// C:\windows\system32\shdoclc.dll/dnserror.htm

Keep getting same virus over and over.

keep getting this error

keep getting weird security setting messages

Keep gettingTrojan Ad cookies or Something. hijackthis Log

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