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Is the USA murder rate at a high? If its such an illogical language(which it is) with so many blunders then why are people still using it?javinievasYou forgot to mention the trailing comma issue. For example: var div = document.getElementsByTagName("my_div"); var fragment = document.createDocumentFragment(); for (var e = 0; e < elems.length; e++) { // elems previously set to list of elements fragment.appendChild(elems[e]); } div.appendChild(fragment.cloneNode(true)); Specially the #1 and #2Mobile PunditsMost of the time when the project deadline is near and due to this In the hurry of development and releasing most of the people don't http://goinsource.com/not-working/javascript-code-is-not-working.html

I do this on a set of elements which I am sure that will be very limited in numbers. For #2, example 2, it may be useful mentioning to avoid use of `element` inside the function, they can access the element using function arguments and `this` instead. Interesting that looking at the developer tools (I had looked there earlier, but thanks anyway sahadat!) led me astray - I kept looking for a more complicated solution to the problem! After the automatic redefinition, array methods and properties will produce undefined or incorrect results: Example: var person = []; person["firstName"] = "John"; person["lastName"] = "Doe"; person["age"] = 46;var x = person.length; http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8290710/why-is-my-javascript-not-working

Javascript Not Working In Chrome

Inspect your element by browser developer tools. Or I am missing something in your example that in fact holds one of the objects from the outside?KostasAn alternative for #6 using IIFE... JavaScript has truly become ubiquitous in the world of web app development and is therefore an increasingly important skill to master.

While I value your opinion, I still feel like blanket flame comments about JavaScript, Ruby, PHP or any other language creates an unnecessary division between what is a subjective decision of JavaScript is a multipurpose programming language. Code not being executed? Javascript Not Working Mac But fear not!

For #6: IMHO, it is not a good practice to create closures for elements this way. Javascript Not Working Html In most other languages, the code above would lead to an error because the “life” (i.e., scope) of the variable i would be restricted to the for block. How can I black out a bright bedroom at night? Here are some key benefits of strict mode: Makes debugging easier.

Read More » REPORT ERROR PRINT PAGE FORUM ABOUT × Your Suggestion: Your E-mail: Page address: Description: Submit × Thank You For Helping Us! My Javascript Is Not Working In Chrome Correct: person = {firstName:"John", lastName:"Doe", age:46} Undefined is Not Null With JavaScript, null is for objects, undefined is for variables, properties, and methods. Some websites may not work properly, others may not work at all. It's not about where the variable pointing to the function is declared, it's about how it's called.

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